Lab Testing

We have set up our own laboratory. The purpose of this lab is to check shrinkage, color fastness,quality retention after washing and dry cleaning. We guarantee complete the goods have no harm to the babies.

test 1
test 2
test 3

Cutting Section

Cutting section is used with automatic spreading machine, knives strip cutting machine, straight knife cutting Machine, band knife cutting machine.

Cutting 1
Cutting 2
Cutting 3

Printing Section

There are two kinds of printing, we can print such as binder and rubber with high quality ink.

Printing 1
Printing 2
Printing 3

Sewing Section

We are currently operating the latest JUKI and YAMOTO with 190 machines.
Including all kinds of special sewing machines such as buttonholing machine, snap button machine,rib cutting, flat seamer machine,1-needle,lockstitch machine with automatic thread trimmer etc.

Sewing 1
Sewing 2
Sewing 3

QC & Gripper Section

Check quality with high carefulness and use attaching machine of YKK branch to hit sockets and plancers.

Gripper 1
Gripper 2
Gripper 3

Finishing Section

Needle inspection machine, Thread sucking machine and steam boiler iron.

Finishing 1
Finishing 2
Finishing 3